Val Dieu Abbey

The Legend

The legend tells us that in the Middle Ages the Berwinne Valley in the Land of Herve en Aubel, continued into a dense forest that had a very bad reputation. Sorcerers, evil spirits and other undesirables reigned undisputed, no wonder it was called “ the forest of the Devil’s Valley”. In order to end this bad reputation and to conjure bad faith a Cistercian abbey was erected and it was now called “the Valley of God”. Cistercians are known for living in communities that provide for themselves; therefore a mill was constructed that provided the flour for the bread that was consumed in great quantities. This was the start of the Val-DIeu Mill.

And what happened to the bad spirits I hear you say? Once that bad spell was erased, they changed in trout, fawn, partridges and flamboyant butterflies…. This is why today you are able to admire the great population inhabiting our lakes, our prairies and forests.

This is why today we still like to regale you with the history of our valley. But if the legend is a great story today, like all legends, it does not tell the whole truth.

At the end of the 12th century life is hard for the Cistercian monks of the St Agatha Abbey in Hocht near Maastricht. They decide to purchase land in Warsage where they start a farm. The region is more welcoming and the land promising. The zone is the border between the Duchy of Luxembourg and […]